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Effortless Networking Getting People To Follow Up With You

By: Sri Dasgupta

Do you have trouble following up with people you meet? Or getting people to follow up with you?

You're not alone. This seems to be a common challenge.

This usually happens when the proper foundation hasn't been laid.

What do I mean by this?

Well, when you meet someone for the first time, how do you know this is a person you want to follow up with?

In other words, what makes you want to follow up with this person? What kind of conversation would you have, if you were able to follow up?

And if you're clear about why you want to have a follow up conversation with them later, how clear are they?

Do they know and understand why you're interested in talking with them further? And if so, is there similar interest on their side?

If this kind of groundwork hasn't been laid during your initial conversation, following up can be (and usually is) a challenge.

So here's how you lay the foundation:

  1. When you meet someone and you realize that you want to have at least one more conversation with them, tell them this. Tell them why you want to talk with them further, but don't go into too much detail -- just provide the "headline".
  2. Then check to see if they share your interest about talking further.
  3. If yes, arrange then and there when and how you will reconnect with each other. If there is no interest, you can decide whether to let it go, or try to peak their interest in some other way.

    Without interest from the other person during the initial conversation, follow up is nearly impossible.

If you go through this sequence during your initial conversation, you'll have what you need to follow up.

And neither of you should be hesitant or reluctant to follow up, because you both already agreed to it!

Sri Dasgupta - EzineArticles Expert Author

Sri Dasgupta helps business professionals get better results from their business networking efforts. She is the author of the Effortless Networking Foundation Program, and writes regular articles offering business networking tips and related resources.

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