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How To Get Larry King To Invite You To Lunch And Other Networking Secrets

By: Tom Justin

In the interest of full disclosure, that actually happened to me. Larry King invited me to lunch!

How it happened is very funny. Could it happen to someone else? It?s so far out, who knows? But, it?s a great example of the power of networking, which is my subject today. More on that in a moment.

In seminars and writings, I talk a lot about networking. The most spectacular example, for me, had to do with Larry King, whom I?ve long admired. Here?s the very short version and then some practical tips for personal and digital networking:

After finishing a speech, I had lunch with several attendees. One of them mentioned that he would be going to a dinner that would be hosted by Larry King. Whereupon I said, ?Please tell Larry that Tom Justin said to say hello.?

He asked if I knew Mr. King. I said no, but if I can get enough people to tell Larry King that Tom Justin said to say hello, he?ll think it?s his fault that he doesn?t know who I am.

The man laughed, said he?d do it. Two weeks later he called and said that he told Larry that I?d said hello. I asked what Larry?s response was, and he said that Larry said, ?Oh, thanks.?

It was just a silly statement, right? Within a couple of weeks after that someone else I?d just met happened to mention that they would be at a fundraiser where Larry King would be the MC. I told him the story and he agreed to say hello to him for me.

The odds of what continued are so far out, I might not believe this had it not happened to me. Three other such encounters took place in the space of months. each person agreeing to tell Larry that Tom Justin said to say hello.

On the fourth time, from a friend of his I?d just met, I asked what his response was when she told him Tom Justin said hello. She said that he replied, ?How is Tommy??

A few weeks later I was invited to a Friar?s Roast in Beverly Hills where we met and he invited me to lunch. I just shook my head in amazement.

I don?t mean to name drop, but since then, we?ve had many great lunches and meetings, and we?ve done a small bit of business and almost wrote a book together. The latter never moved forward due to contractual problems. In the meantime he?s introduced me to others who?ve become friends and acquaintances.

I told the long version of this story in one of my seminars and received one the biggest laughs I?ve ever had.

Larry had a tough childhood and still has that air of Brooklyn about him, but with a soft heart and kind soul. I think you would like him.

Networking That Works

?Expand your network by one quality person a day, forever.? Mark Victor Hansen

The purpose of networking is to know more people and to get more people to know you. This is true in business or in relationships of any kind. We?ll stick with business today.

Let?s take a look at two kinds of networking; personal and digital.

Personal: A minister friend of mine said once that there are billions of people in the world. If you?re lonely, it?s your fault!

If you have business and opportunities to present or to find and you?re not filled with at least possibilities?well, that can change now.

The obvious is that we have to get out more. If we want to meet people we have to go where people are. I know, you already know that!

Go to a big city mall where there are hordes of people. You might get run over before you can start a conversation. Although we do train salespeople to go to places like that and create contacts (called The Magic Bean Technique), however, the best way is to find like minded people in comfortable surroundings.

Most papers have listings for special interest groups and meetings. From women?s and service clubs to places of worship. The easiest places to build familiar relationships are where you find others like yourself.

Any meeting, group or function that is attractive and interesting to you will yield others who will relate to you. I don?t suggest that these are the so called networking groups where everyone is blatantly trying to sell something. If you?ve read the book or seen the DVD, you know my feelings about those.

Here?s what I?ve found to be helpful. If you aren?t shy, introduce yourself to whoever is standing still. Ask a question, such as how long they?ve been a member or how they like this group, etc.

If you ask someone what kind of work they do, they will tell you and then ask what you do. Most people think they need to sell themselves when the most impressive thing they can do is show an interest and curiosity about others. they will like you better for it and not know why.

Never ask for a business card, offer to exchange cards. If this is someone whose information you want, the use of the word exchange creates a sense of fairness. You?re handing over your card, if they don?t have a card, you can offer them a small pad (which of course you have handy) for them to write their contact information, most importantly, their e-mail address.

When you receive a business card, do what the Japanese do, look at it. Make a comment, sincere compliment, or ask a question, such as the cross street or have you been in that location long? etc. there is a lot more to networking but I hope those simple ideas will give you more ideas.

Now, the most powerful and the most misused opportunity of the past two centuries:

Digital Networking

You could almost call this digital relationships. We already know the cautions of this world or should. However, doing business on the web is now, in just a few short years, not only acceptable it?s expected.

I have friends who I?ve never met in person. Not because we went in a chat room, which I seldom do, but because we were brought together through a newsletter, theirs or mine, or a book promotion, etc.

Our company is involved in joint ventures with people I?ve never met, and in some cases, never even spoken with by phone. We?ve had teleconferences and online courses with people who?ve become friends, customers or acquaintances.

Now, I?m not talking dating but business. There are all kinds of books about how to do business online. In fact, I?m going to do a special report soon on the basics and how to get started and what books and courses that I?ve found to be most productive.

Here are some tips to begin creating digital relationships:

Digital Compliments ? If you get an online newsletter or read something or see a web site that you like or that has helped you, write the author or the head of the company and pay a sincere compliment. This is not to get anything but to do just that show gratitude.

Do the same thing with books you?ve read and liked. I?ve written several reviews on Amazon and sometimes the author or people who liked what I said will e-mail me. Some get on my subscriber list or we might create a dialogue, etc.

For those with whom you identify with or have mutual interests, you can carry on as things come. You never know.

You might want to create another e-mail account at Yahoo, Google or Hotmail to avoid Spa-mmers.

Ask Questions ? Go to an influential source that could be important to you and e-mail a question. It?s amazing how some people that you thought might be unreachable, will come back with an answer.

People can be contacted through websites, e-zines, etc. You?re only limited by what?s on the web and what you can access, including Google and Yahoo searches.

Create Information ? Even if you aren?t marketing something on line, you can create your own newsletter for anything from hobbies to business. How to do this is best learned from the E- zine Queen. She?s the best and most thorough I?ve seen yet. I'll be happy to send her site. Drop me an email at .

Create Your Own Products ? There is more to this than I can tell you here. You have information and experience that is unique. You can begin to create electronic products or become affiliates for others who will take care of everything for you.

For example, affiliates send out information to others via digital signatures attached to links. If there is a purchase, they receive a commission that can go from very generous for E- products to stingy, depending on the vendor. The price to the customer is the same, whether they order direct or via your affiliate link.

The E-Zine Queen?s link is an affiliate linked to us. She has so much information for free, you have to wonder what else there could be, but there?s plenty. We?ll be starting our own affiliate program soon. No charge to register or be involved. But don?t join such a program unless you are willing to put your name and belief on someone else?s work.

Watch for a coming report on this soon.

In the meantime, if you have any comments at all, please feel free to e-mail me anytime. will get to me. I usually answer quickly, but it depends on my schedule and travels, etc.

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