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MLM Network Marketing Personal Promoting Tip

By: Dan Hatfield

There?s a lot of confusion in the market place about how to promote one?s opportunity and products in network marketing. Amidst the plethora of cookie-cutter systems and affiliate web pages it becomes difficult to distinguish one?s self from the competition.

So what can be done to create a sustainable and unique competitive advantage? Simply put, be sure to promote yourself before your company. This is not to say that you don?t want to use who you represent in your approach with the prospect. Rather, understand that your prospect will make a decision to join you based on logical and emotional reasons. If it was just you and no company then?you see the point. On the other hand, we have almost all heard the clich? that people will buy from people they like. Your prospect will make a decision to join you in business mostly on how effectively you let the prospect understand that you understand what the prospect is truly looking for.

Do not mislead your prospect with false information of you personally. In the beginning much of your business credibility can be borrowed from the existing credibility of the company you?re promoting. However, you?re there for the personal touch. Be sure to let your prospect feel that you will be a good sponsor by providing them with the necessary information to help them reach and informed and sound decision based on their needs. This in effect will promote you as a professional subconsciously to your prospects. As you achieve other claims to fame, be sure to highlight these as a source of further credibility to your prospects.

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