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Online Business Networking
 by: Paul R. Smith

First and foremost, you have to rememeber that you're dealing with real people. The person on the other end of the screen is a real life flesh-and-blood person. They have feelings and needs just like you.

Your aim with online business networking, as with offline, is to develop mutually beneficial relationships. This can come from simply nuturing honest and active friendships. Building trust between each other is the key principle here. This is what networking is all about.

After you have built that trust, you are both going to be in a win-win situation. You will be able to, and will gladly, recommend each other and each other's service to your own contacts when they are in need of such services or goods. You may also be able to purchase each other's services when you have need of them yourself. You will have effectively doubled your reach or sphere of influence.

Another benefit of business networking is the ability to be able to share your knowledge and help each other to grow in your areas of less experience.

If you're a newbie, please take time to understand the value and protocol of networking. When you join and online networking group, take the time to read the rules of the site, most don't allow blatant advertising in your posts. Keep your posts on track with the topic in which you are posting. However most do allow you to have one or two links in your signature line and obviously you should take advantage of this.

As business owners we all love what we do and are passionate about our companies. But just be cautious, that in your excitement at getting yourself online with a real business, that you make sure to try not to offend others and you can do this by taking the time to consider how others will view your words.

So basically mutually beneficial relationships can develop through online networking. Just remember to treat others with respect and hopefully you will receive the same in return.

Start growing your business through either starting or continuing your online business networking.

(c) Copyright 2006, Paul R. Smith

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